ERROS - A New Era in Computing

The Modern Application Development Framework

that lets you ‘grow-as-you-go'

ERROS is a totally new way of creating major computer applications. It is extraordinarily productive and its applications have outstanding performance. Robust, internet ready, scalable ERROS applications, that can be changed on demand, are developed

  • incrementally - you can ‘grow-as-you-go’,
  • without a physical database design,
  • without a detailed system specification,
  • and mostly without program creation.

There are no compiled ERROS applications and the concept of compiled applications has gone. Because ERROS generates HTML and Javascript on the fly, application development can be done using a standard browser on Pc, Mac or tablet and all the applications created can be operated at once over the Internet.

All data and application defintions are stored in the patented ERROS Connectionist Database, and application development and maintenance is done by updating the database, generally without any program change. All ERROS applications are totally scalable and have very rapid response times.

ERROS's totally new approach to developing major computing systems allows development with a speed and ease that is beyond the wildest dreams of even the most experienced system developers.

ERROS in Operation These videos demonstrate building a simple ERROS applicaton, then testing it and extending it whilst it is live.

The Philosophy behind ERROS

Horizontal or Vertical? Beyond Relational Databases - Documents outlining how ERROS Works

The ERROS Database uses OO based artificial intelligence techniques and is totally object-oriented but developers do not need to understand the meaning of this.

ERROS solves with relative ease a variety of problems for which many developers and even database researchers do not have a generic solution, such as bi-directional, many-to-many relationships, and variable length records without Null values.

ERROS can be used for creating applications for a very wide variety of businesses and institutions, including transaction processing with concurrency control. It is very suitable for creating applications packages, such as ERP, which can easily be modified to suit all users.

ERROS is a total paradigm shift in modern application development methods so cannot easily be compared with traditional development methods. The concepts of ERROS have been patented.