ERROS - A New Era in Computing from Erros Ltd

The Modern Application Development Framework

that lets you ‘grow-as-you-go'

A Paradigm Shift in Computer System Development Methods

ERROS is a totally new way of building databases and creating applications. If you are new to ERROS, then you won't have seen anything like it before. If you are familiar with Relational Databases, the ERROS Connectionist Database is dramatically simpler and much easier to understand and build. No SQL is required to query the ERROS database, which can also be called a Neural Database or a NoSQL database. It is also a Semantic Network.

ERROS applications are developed incrementally without a detailed upfront user requirements specification and without physical file design and often without any program creation. ERROS applicatons are defined in the ERROS database rather than in program code.

Horizontal or Vertical? - Beyond Relational Databases is the first of series of papers intended to lead you to a thorough understanding of the principles of ERROS. It is worth repeating that ERROS is simple. It is because of that simplicity that developers using ERROS can achieve results with a speed and ease of which developers using relational databases and traditional application creation methods can only dream. To read this document click here.

You should then read Storing Hierarchies in the ERROS Database and Relationships and Surrogates in ERROS.

Other documents will follow.